We’ve done the work, now let’s ride!

Our Trans Provence trip is just about a week away, 8 months of waiting just flew by. We’ve done the work, trained and prepped and we’re ready. Even though you can not be fit enough for such an event, not train too much and not work too hard, we’re ready! Last week is all about packing, rest and some final rides for the feeling and that should be it…

Last week we went to Schoorl and climbed the big stairs with the bikes on our backs and we pass the test with flying colors. Also we tested our new kit with Mavic clothes. We choose the Crossmax jersey in blue/red because… well as you can see Annemieke is blue and I am red, Ernestine is the yellow bit in our jersey so she’s a part of it too. The size small is a bit oversized for us, even for a loose fit we could do with a XS or XXS.

freeride4girls mavic outfit for the trans provence

The matching gloves are the bomb for real. Best looking gloves I’ve ever seen and very comfortable. I don’t like velcro but you can easily put them on without and just leave the velcro as is. Sizes here are spot-on, the small equals a 7 and a medium an 8.

Flat or clipless

We’re not sure if we can ride clipless so I have my Fiveten freeriders in teal┬áready to go just in case. A wicked color for 2014 that looks so sweet… it’ll be a shame to get them dirty. For clipless we both opted for the Mavic Alpine, Annemieke the XL and me the regular as I tend to get warm feet and think that it’ll make a difference… I don’t know. Either way the Mavics walk very comfortable and that’s why they where chosen, we expect to do a fair bit of climbing with the bikes on our backs.

Backpack for alpine riding

Discussing all the parts and gear we came to a lot of similar conclusions, like our backpacks: the Vaude Tracer (20l) for Annemieke and Tracy (16l) for me. A mens and womens version of the same backpack, I choose for a smaller volume and women spec fit. Which was actually a blessing as my Osprey Raptor was killing my back. That reservoir has a stiff shape en the backpack itself doesn’t have a proper fit for your spine. It’s a smart pack with great features, but when you end up with bruises on your back, it’s worthless. I’m glad the Tracy fits well, has a good volume and snug feeling while packed with all the stuff we have to bring on a daily base like:

  • 3l water
  • food
  • rain gear (I have a Gore Wear Alp X jacket and Vaude splash trousers (long) that fit in a tiny dry-bag and take up little space but will save your day)
  • dry baselayer
  • protection knee (Troy Lee Designs 5400 very minimal) arm (661 sleeves)
  • minitool, pump + shockpump and some basic spare parts
  • tube and patchkit
  • first aid kit
  • sun block
  • camera (Panasonic TZ55)
  • glasses

That’s just the beginning, this weekend I’m going to pack and I’ll take you along in the proces. We’re allowed only one back and a backpack… I’m not a girlie girl but that is a challenge for me… hope it’ll fit…

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