Mergelheuvelland event

20 and 21 September I revisited a blast from the past, the Mergelheuvelland event I had ridden many years ago and I can only remember mud, rain and bee stings. It was a nostalgic trip and a test to see how fit we where. The big plans to attack the 70km with 1600m uphill we eventually abandoned. No matter how much we would have wanted it to… we had to admit we wheren’t ready for this… just yet.

50km it was, with a good 700m uphill. Most of which on wide paths but with the best scenery, this I did’t remember! It turned out we where plenty fit enough and completed the lap without problems, we even where awake during diner and had a wonderful evening at a Belgian pub.



Sunday we came back for more, another 50km more forrest this time. But also a massive traffic jam at on of the climbs and we where delayed for 45 minutes. The event is so massive, the small and narrow climbs and downhills are mayor traffic jammers and a reason why we ride mostly wide paths here. Understandable, but I will want to rethink riding again next year. Perhaps on the road, the scenery will still be awesome, the challenge is always huge here on the road and there’s plenty room to move about. We’ll see in a year, however… yeah that 70km is still waiting for us…

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