What happened in januari?

So, time is ticking and we can’t waist any of it with the Trans Provence getting closer and closer. In januari we rode (inside on a Tacx and outside) about 650km and ran 60km. Give or take 100 hours of training and 4.567 meters of uphill movement.

What where the highlights? Running 8km straight for the first time, without fighting myself all the way. Commuting to work, with getting lost in the woods at the crack of dawn. Of course the first trainingsweekend, with Belgium and Limburg on our schedule: priceless! Countless singletrails and riding with the Piet (www.mtb-school.com) and the Plons (www.plonsracing.com), awesome day!




The weather has been very soft and kind, let’s hope we can continue this even when spring is officially here and temperature rises.

Next up: Next sunday first trail running competition with cycling training afterwards (auch) the Strava Gran Fondo 2: one ride of 130km. And in March the E3 again! With another trainingweekend in April. Can’t wait!

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