Going GoPro


I’m sure everyone has one by now, Annemieke is on upgrade number 14 probably. And I’m now first making my steps into the world of Point-Of-View camera’s with my new GoPro. Because I’ve been spectating others with their GoPro’s, I had some wishes for my starter kit:

  • K-Edge mount: It’ll hold everywhere! We’ve learned that the standard GoPro bike-mount isn’t the best one around when you ride something else then smooth road rides. This K-Edge has survived cobblestones and Trans Provence descents.
  • Extra batteries!
  • Big & fast memory card
  • GorillaPod
  • Pouch to safely transport the GoPro
  • Selfie-stick (not in the photo)
  • Large mount-bolts (not in the photo)

Other future may include: remote, 3D case (why not?!) and K-Edge saddle mount.

And here’s my GpPro’s first video ­čÖé

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