Gemini’s are a Freeride4girls best friend


Ernies birthday came along and she asked to be enlightened. The Gemini Olympia was her choice and we had to go for a ride to experience it ofcourse, bringing our own Gemini’s and other enlighteners. Some of us are already on board the “cx-is-the-new-black”-train, some of us wheren’t (but might be very soon), it’s our new master plan to get super-fit during the winter. And to try out all sorts of cycling.

Handlebar vs helmet was one of the questions we asked ourselves and we’re still looking for the ideal configuration. Helmet ánd handlebar might be the perfect solution, but carrying the light and battery on your head is not very comfortable. It’s heavy and you feel it moving about. We will be testing with the battery in our backpack to see if that is more comfortable. You’ll then have the steady light in front of you and the recon light wherever your head is moving.

Either way, riding in the dusk of the day is beautiful, another sensory feeling when your vision is limited, birds are quieting down and practically no one is left in the forrest. It was a perfect autumn evening, on perfect trails with a perfect ending (food).

Happy birthday Ernie, let’s do many more nights like these and awesome riding like we did this year!



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