CX is the new black

I think it was Ernies fault. When she bought the single-speed Gary Fisher road bike, she demanded cyclocross tires and used it for a cx bike. Sometime this summer she and I where riding in Apeldoorn and she forced the bike on me for a run. With no expectations, I was taken by surprise… this is good! When Snowgirl went the same direction, I could no longer resist and I bought one too. Within a week I had 3 rides in my pocket!

I can’t explain why it’s fun, it’s like a spartan 29″er without the suspension and wide bars or fat tires. Oh maybe that’s just it, it’s full rigid, fast and challenging to ride. Whatever the case, this is our secret to get ├╝ber-fit this winter, so we can attack the trails with full force in spring again.

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