Big rides are the new black

foto 1So our car broke down (it eventually got repaired but it took a while) and I wanted to meet my friend to go for a ride. She and her husband live a lot more south and I did’t want her to drive all the way up. So I decided to ride up to Rheden to meet her there, go for a ride and a drink before I’d ride back home again.

foto 2

The route near Rheden (Posbank area) is about 50km’s with 572 m uphill. For me to ride to the closest part of the route is only 13km, that’s not bad right? I got in Rheden in only 2 hours time and we went for a short ride together, talked and had a drink before I took off again.

foto 5 The east side of the route I had never ridden before, that it so odd! And it’s actually very beautiful, in the end I was almost too hungry to enjoy it, silly me packed to light on the food department. So I ended up with a massive bucket of McD fries and the first soda in months, I figured I earned it this time. After 95km and 1100m uphill and a Strava suffer score of 327, OMG indeed. But I’d do it again in a heartbeat, only with more food!